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Tempered Glass

Overview of Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is made using special heated furnaces, which heat the annealed glass to a uniform temperature of approxi...

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Reflective glass

In the awe-inspiring world of glass, reflective glass occupies a significant position. Besides the basic functionality of sun control, it contribut...

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Laminated Glass

Overview of Laminated Glass Laminated glass, regard as “Safety glass”, consist of two or more panes of glass with one or more layers of polyvin...

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Heat Strengthened Glass

Overview of Heat Strengthened Glass: Heat strengthened glass is similar to tempered glass except that the cooling is done at a much slower pace. An...

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Float Glass Production Process

History of float glass In the earlier days, window glass was made by blowing glass bottles or large glass disks. The bottles were cut into piec...

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